Linux has never been my primary os on any of my computers. Although I started using Linux since highschool, it has always been run in virtual machines on top of windows or Mac OS X.

I started using Linux when I was in highschool. Back then I used Ubuntu, which was a derivative of Debian and was gaining popularity in China. I installed Ubuntu on my laptop and did not like the experience.

A lot of devices such as the trackpad, the webcam and the fingerprint reader were not supported. Language support was poor. I could not find a good Chinese input method so I had to use an online one, type the characters I wanted and copy paste it into applications. Popular software was lacking (but I blame this on the software vendors). QQ, which I use to connect with my friends, had to be run on wine and was very buggy.

So I quickly switched back to Windows after a very short period. Just before my highschool graduation I bought a Macbook and has been using Mac OS X as my primary os since.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Linux as a developer and I do most of my work on Linux. To find out if things have improved in the recent years, I installed Fedora workstation on my primary desktop computer today. Hopefully my experience will be smoother that a few years ago.